Jan 3 2020

Tips for young writers (of all ages)

I received a fun and inspiring note last night from LouAnne Taylor, a youth services librarian who runs a young writers workshop for budding writers, ages 10-15. Ms. Taylor used some of the resources of this website in her work with these future authors.

One of the youngest in the group, Anna, along with her mother, also found another site with some great tips and resources for aspiring writers (and good info for intermediate and more advanced writers, as well) about the business of writing.

Because we’re all about sharing info, advice, tips and lessons learned in this business, art and craft of writing fiction, I thought I’d share this source with the rest of you as well.

Thanks to Anna for sharing this link, and thanks to LouAnne for grooming and guiding the next generation of writers! Link is below and also added to the “Resources” page on this site.


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