May 11 2017

Grindstaff Editing expands

Robb Grindstaff Editing is expanding with an eye on the future.

On occasion, we have had to turn down prospective editing clients because they weren’t ready for an editor. We point them in other directions and to resources where they can develop their craft of writing before they invest hard-earned money for editing services.

But far too often, we’ve had to turn down inquiries due to lack of time, prospective clients who are excellent writers or show exceptional potential. We can only edit so many novels each month, and manuscripts generally need more than one type of edit.

So I’m excited to bring on two sharp assistant editors with keen eyes for everything from plot problems to semicolon abuse. We will be able to offer at least two sets of eyes on every manuscript.

Meet the team:

Lauren Mckinnon
Lauren spent her high school years in Japan. She is a writer and editor with newspapers and online publications, and has edited novels for internationally published authors. She is finishing her degree in Public Policy with a minor in Communications, and has her eye on Notre Dame Law School.

Laura Oig
Laura is an editor and writer of speculative fiction. She was born in Canada, and currently resides in Denmark with her Danish husband. A literary omnivore, she is never without a book close at hand. She comes by that naturally as she is the daughter of Jonas Saul, author of the Sarah Roberts series.

Grindstaff Editing
We have been in business seven years, with sixty clients and more than 200 books edited, including fiction of all genres, and non-fiction such as memoirs, business, and self-help books.

Clients hail from the U.S., Canada, Australia, Europe, and the Middle East, and include authors with traditionally published books through major publishers, represented by top literary agencies, published through small presses and digital-first publishers, and dedicated, highly successful indie authors.

Most exciting, however, is helping a talented newcomer find his or her voice and polish a manuscript to stand out in a crowded, competitive marketplace.

Robb Grindstaff
Robb Grindstaff is the author of two novels, Hannah’s Voice and Carry Me Away, published by Evolved Publishing, plus a dozen published short stories. His articles on the craft of writing fiction have appeared in print and online writing publications. He and Australian author and writing coach Samantha Bond jointly teach writing courses for the Romance Writers of Australia.

Robb lives on a few acres in rural Wisconsin with his wife, dog, chickens, and assorted wildlife visitors.

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