Short Stories

Sonoran Dreams, published May 2012, is a collection of three short stories by Robb Grindstaff, three different genres, all set in the desert of the American Southwest. It includes the award-winning horror story, Desert Rain, selected by readers and editors of Horror Bound magazine for their ‘Best of 2008-2012’ edition. Desert Walk and Desert Nights round out the trilogy of stories from exile.

Spring Fevers, a short story anthology, is an exploration of relationships in their varied states: love — requited and unrequited — friendships discovered and lost, family in its many guises, and the myriad places in between. Two short stories by Robb Grindstaff are featured in this anthology:  Dreams–Why You Should Never Discuss Them With Your Girlfriend, and  Evolution of Love.

Summer's Edge

Summer’s Edge and Summer’s Double Edge examine relationships in transition, perhaps at an end. Indeed, not all relationships are meant to last. The first in the two-book summer anthology from Elephant’s Bookshelf Press, Summer’s Edge contains tales of love and loss, new beginnings and attempts to fix past mistakes. Stories will appeal to readers young adult, horror, and those who enjoy a clever twist in their happy and unhappy endings. Robb’s unique entry in this anthology is “Ellie’s Head,” a Facebook fictionette written in 14 chapters, each containing precisely 420 characters/spaces.

Words to Music: A Short Story Collection. This collection is the year-long effort of 40 authors from 12 countries spanning the globe. The anthology’s fiction offerings run the gamut of genres, and features these two stories from Robb Grindstaff: Nine Days and Of Was and When.